The Victorian Government launched the School Breakfast Clubs Program in 2016, partnering with Foodbank Victoria to deliver the program.

Since then, the program has grown and expanded, supporting over 1000 Victorian Government primary, secondary, P-12 and specialist schools to deliver the School Breakfast Club Program to students.

Foodbank Victoria’s role is to source and deliver a range of ambient and fresh food to schools, enabling all students to access nutritious food during the school day. By accessing additional food at school, students can learn with a full stomach and get the most out of their education.

Research shows that a child’s ability to concentrate in class, self-regulate and learn is negatively impacted if they are hungry. Those who do not eat breakfast at home may also miss out on lunch and healthy food during the school day and school holidays.

For those students who may need extra support, Lunches and Home Food Packs are also offered as part of the program. Students can access ready to eat lunch meals through school staff. Home Food Packs are also available to support students throughout the school term and during the school holidays.

Cooking Classes in Schools

As part of the School Breakfast Clubs Program, Cooking Classes are delivered at selected schools across the state.

The four-week food literacy program provides schools with an opportunity to engage with their school communities, bringing families together in a fun environment, centered around delicious and nutritious food. Sessions are delivered by trained Foodbank Victoria Facilitators, providing a hands-on learning environment, where families cook and enjoy a meal together during each session.

The program aims to improve cooking skills, nutrition knowledge and increase the consumption of fresh food (particularly vegetables), while strengthening family relationships around a positive interest in healthy eating. In addition, families will be provided with a weekly hamper, stocked with fresh and staple ingredients to take home, with the intention that the ‘kitchen-classroom’ learnings will be translated to the ‘home-kitchen’ environment.

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