The School Breakfast Clubs Program supports healthy eating in schools by providing healthy and nutritious food as well as food literacy, cooking and nutrition education. The menu is assessed by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service FoodChecker to ensure items comply with the department’s Canteens, Healthy Eating and Other Food Services policy. 

The School Breakfast Clubs Program creates supportive food environments for students, staff and school communities through;

  • Making healthy food readily available to schools.
  • Helping members of the school community make healthy food choices across the whole school environment.
  • Encouraging a safe, friendly environment where the school community can enjoy a healthy breakfast together.
  • Providing an opportunity for staff and volunteers to model healthy eating behaviour.
  • Providing an opportunity for students to learn about healthy food and positive eating habits in a practical setting such as Breakfast Club.
  • Encouraging schools to engage students in the design and implementation of Breakfast Club.
  • Aligning with other healthy eating initiatives – click here to read about how the School Breakfast Clubs Program aligns with the Achievement Program.
  • Bringing families together in the school environment to cook and learn life-long healthy eating habits.

Read on to see what other programs are doing to assist schools with creating healthier food environments.

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